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  • Enza Capital

    Investment Fund

    Enza Capitalclose

    Investment Fund

    Investing in high growth African engineering companies with an impact

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    Investment Focus:

    We invest in people

    Enza looks for bright talent and ambitious teams who are building solutions to problems that have large and growing markets. We focus on engineering excellence and technical talent in the founding team. We look for solutions that can lead to positive social or environmental outcomes for Africa and our growing populations. We invest in people with the ability to execute consistently, learn voraciously, and scale ambitiously.

    We invest capital

    Enza makes seed investments of up to $1 million in technology companies operating in sub-Saharan Africa. We understand that these amounts can sometimes be challenging to raise but can be essential when building companies to the next stage. Enza is a commercial investor committed to taking a fair, nimble, and entrepreneur-friendly approach with our investments.

    We invest more than capital

    Enza Capital is a patient investment vehicle launched by John Lazar, Mike Mompi, and David Cohen with the support of a small handful of values-aligned partners. Enza is an active and engaged investor with deep private investing and company operating experience, and with rich networks of experts and talent we plug into our portfolio companies to help drive growth and build value. We emphasize trust and transparency in our approach, and we deploy our capital in line with our values. 

    Investment Stage:
    Seed, Venture

  • Helios Investment Partnersclose

    Private Equity

    Helios Investment Partners is the largest Africa-focused private investment firm, with a record that spans creating start-ups to providing established companies with growth capital and expertise.

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    Investment Focus:

    Helios Private Equity follows a highly flexible 'first principles' investment approach, applying developed world investment tools in Africa. Helios focuses on acquiring and/or building high potential platform companies in core economic sectors, with an emphasis on portfolio operations as a driver of value.

    Africa-specific factors, including economic liberalization, increasing technology-driven productivity, demographic dynamics and urbanization are driving general and secular growth and creating attractive investment opportunities on the continent.

    While Helios invests opportunistically, it focuses its efforts on those sectors that are most closely geared to these themes. The following are Helios' core investment sectors:

    • Retail and Consumer Products
    • Telecom, Media and Technology
    • Financial Institutions and Services
    • Power and Energy
    • Transportation, Logistics and Distribution

    Investment Stage:
    Private Equity, Debt